Russia joined the Bologna process in September 2003 at the Conference of the Ministers of Education of European coun­tries held in Berlin.

On April 21–22, 2004 IzhevskStateTechnicalUniversity hosted the I International Conference «Technical Universities: Integration with European and World Education Systems» within the framework of international forum «Education Quality – 2004». After that the decision was made to arrange such a forum every two years. On February 21-22, 2017, in the days of the 65th anniversary of Kalashnikov ISTU, the seventh conference took place. Representatives of over 15 universities of Russia, Hungary, Egypt, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, China, Turkey and Azerbaijan participated in the forum. Plenary reports were made by the rectors of leading European universities.

An objective of the conference consists in working out recom­mendations on development and modernization of Russian and foreign educational systems in accordance with European and world processes.